American Hustle Trailer

David O. Russell’s resurgence as Oscar darling has been something of a marvel and, to a degree, the most frustrating thing to happen to what was shaping up as a uniquely niche canon. His newest, the very subtly titled American Hustle, features his growing company of superstar talent with the likes of Amy Adams, Christian Bale, Jeremy Renner, and Bradley Cooper joining last year’s Best Actress winner, Jennifer Lawrence. Even without the tremendous Academy Award-beloved pedigree, this story looks to be right up Oscar’s alley. Going on chops alone, American Hustle has to be the frontrunner for Awards season. As for the story itself, it looks a bit like the Catch Me If You Can, Coen Brothers-lite bandit flick that comes around once or twice a year. We’ll have to wait to see if there’s anything more under the hood.

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  1. CMrok93 says:

    Even though O. Russell used the same song in the Fighter, it’s still nice to see somebody putting Led Zeppelin to good use.

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