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OSCAR FORECAST: Best Original Score 2013

Best Original Score Predictions (as of 10-31-12): Lincoln
, John Williams  Argo, Alexandre Desplat Cloud Atlas, Tom Twyker/Reinhold Heil
 Life of Pi, Mychael Danna Anna Karenina, Dario Marianelli
  Every year Oscar contenders come and go, but one constant remains: John Williams. Coming off his 45th … Continue reading

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The Two Scariest Scenes I’ve Ever Seen

Every Halloween it’s fun to see the hordes of “best” horror film lists that pop up across the web. Usually a mixture of slasher flicks and psychological thrillers, there’s a sick excitement that comes from finding those obscure gems illuminated … Continue reading

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Rosemary’s Baby Artwork

Perhaps the most underrated thing about Rosemary’s Baby are the excellent, if unnervingly creepy, posters for the film. In celebration of Criterion’s Blu-ray release, here are my two favorites: Click below for the next:

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Homeland, Ep. 205: Q&A

Would it be overstating it to say that between Mad Men’s ‘LSD Scene’ and the ‘Interrogation Scene’ in this recent episode of Homeland, the two most captivating moments in cinema this year came from television? In one short line, said … Continue reading

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Ava DuVernay on The Treatment

If you haven’t listened to film critic Elvis Mitchell’s podcast called “The Treatment,” I strongly recommend you subscribe. Mitchell dives into various topics about cinema with a huge array of both mainstream and obscure filmmakers. Middle of Nowhere stands as … Continue reading

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Faulkner Quotes About Hollywood and Art

Between worrying about my family in New York, reading constant updates about Hurricane Sandy, and reading great stuff about last night’s Homeland episode (review coming soon), I randomly stumbled upon this great list from Indiewire: 1.) “Hollywood is a place … Continue reading

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A Bond Newbie’s Thoughts on 007: Die Another Day

Short Take: The last of the Brosnan Bond movies feels just as safe and pedestrian as the one before it. However, Die Another Day lacks the memorable silliness of its predecessor, making the plot look like it’s only going through the motions. I’d … Continue reading

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Whedon on Romney

Every four years things feel very patriotic around this time in autumn. What with celebrities and rich people giving us their opinions on the way our world should be governed. This year has been particularly weird. Debates have almost turned … Continue reading

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Ava DuVernay’s DIY Film Marketing

As a former publicist for huge Hollywood movies (I, Robot, Spider-Man 2), Middle of Nowhere director Ava DuVernay comes at filmmaking from an interesting perspective. She’s an artist whose obviously experienced the importance of film marketing. A part of the … Continue reading

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Looking Closer at Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas

Cloud Atlas the movie is in the midst of having its moment in pop culture. This video offers a nice, quick look at the challenging source material. Hopefully the movie will succeed at getting a few more people to attempt … Continue reading

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