Bling Ring Trailer

By the looks of it, what with its long beat editing and key code burn-in, this teaser was culled together rather quickly. My guess is that the comparisons to Harmony Korine’s Spring Breakers will continue to be apparent and the thought was to jump on the excitement surround that upcoming release. At first glance, I’m not sure I think that a comparison between the two movies is anything more than superficial. Sofia Coppola’s film seems to maintain that world of privileged people stuck in the slowing motions of a life that doesn’t have a purpose nor any great stakes. In that regard, Bling Ring is a perfect tale for her interest in people with shallow motivations endeavoring to suck some remnants of thrill out of an otherwise monotonous existence. I’d agree with most film lovers that Spring Breakers teases at a more effective aesthetic, displaying a teenage fantasy for those few weeks in a year where all rules are out the window. The cultural symbolism of thinning accountability, image, and fantasy vs. reality has the makings of an important document of our times. Yet, Korine’s intentions feel very different from Coppola’s so beyond the superficial plot points (basically pretty young girls behaving badly) I can’t quite see the connection.

Just because who doesn’t like watching it, here’s the trailer for Spring Breakers. Opens in LA tomorrow:

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