Aronofsky does Anti-Meth

Darren Aronofsky is admittedly a bit of an anomaly for me. His films punch me in the gut, initially leaving me shattered and stunned. Then as time passes, each of his movies sink into a bit of trifle in my mind. I don’t think his work is complete smoke and mirrors but I do think that there’s a little bit lacking beyond the style in my opinion.

However, nobody can take away from Aronofsky’s ability to garner a visceral response from a viewer. It’s a wonder why he doesn’t dive into the commercial world more as I sense he would have the power to be both inventive and moving. Recently, the Black Swan director made four PSA’s about Meth awareness for an organization called the Meth Project. These are each very emotional and deeply affecting portraits all told within very short spaces. I’m always excited to see what Aronofsky has next up his sleeve. These four definitely wet my appetite for more.

Three more after the jump.

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