Adele’s Skyfall Song Preview

NOTE: The leaked song has been removed for copyright reasons. Guess we have to wait till Friday. 

I know this is just a leak of the song that will bow in its entirety on Friday, but I had to post this immediately. My surprising excitement for Skyfall has grown to new heights after hearing this tune by Adele. Her voice seems built for the Bond world. There’s a unique innocence to her vocal range. The swell of voice and instruments towards the end is the most exciting movie arrangement I’ve heard in a long time. Maybe the rest of the song will be a let down, but I really like what I’ve heard so far.

The Oscar race for Best Original Song may be shaping up to undo the two-nominee debacle from last year. Strangely female (in a good way), heavy hitters like Karen O, Katy Perry, Norah Jones, and, of course, Adele all have songs in play. Hopefully the songs will be enticing enough to bring the performances back to the live show. Imagine Adele’s “Skyfall” followed onstage by Karen O’s “Strange Love.”

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