Some Love for Documentary Shorts

The Academy named its Documentary Shorts shortlist today, kick-starting the narrowing-down portion of the movie year. I thought last year’s winner, Saving Face, was one of the most fascinating films of any kind released into theaters. I wish more people saw that film, just as I always hope these short docs could get out to wider audiences in general. With distribution means growing, perhaps that’s a possibility in the near future. For now, we’ll have to wait until five of these films get a short play early next year.

“The Education of Mohammad Hussein,” Loki Films
“Inocente,” Shine Global, Inc.
“Kings Point,” Kings Point Documentary, Inc.
“Mondays at Racine,” Cynthia Wade Productions
“Open Heart,” Urban Landscapes Inc.
“ParaÍso,” The Strangebird Company
“The Perfect Fit,” SDI Productions Ltd.
“Redemption,” Downtown Docs

Click below for some more trailers:

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