Prometheus Sounds Get Under Your Skin

Perhaps the most polarizing studio film to emerge in a long time, Prometheus uses B-Movie concepts to tackle weighty issues like the origins of man and the notion of masters, slaves, and creators. Something has to be said for a film that divides not only critics and audiences against each other, but also those groups amongst themselves. For what it’s worth, I thought the film successfully balanced throwback science fiction aesthetics with the kind of high-concept storytelling that classic Sci-Fi writers like Heinlein, Bradbury, and Dick made their names on.

What nobody can argue about Prometheus is that it’s a wellspring of excellent technical craft. This short video from SoundWorks about the sound design of the movie takes a look at how the team created old-fashioned sound effects that allude to the past Alien films. They also created an entirely fictitious language to authenticate Scott’s vision. The efforts to sculpt a world conceptualized from scratch, gives off an aura that has a distinct way of burrowing under a viewer’s skin. The sounds always seem ever-present, if also light enough to only float along the edges of the story. The soundscape helped make every scene feel like you might actually be inside a hollow cave or an airy spaceship, with each subtle sound heightened.

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