Whedon on Romney

Every four years things feel very patriotic around this time in autumn. What with celebrities and rich people giving us their opinions on the way our world should be governed. This year has been particularly weird. Debates have almost turned into punching matches and tweets are flying off people’s fingertips faster than the brain can process. It’s all just felt a little strange.

Jumping into the fray, The Avengers director Joss Whedon gave his dryly comedic endorsement of Mitt Romney (er, Barack Obama) in this short video. He joins Lena Dunham who earlier this week gave a similarly tongue-in-cheek endorsement of the President.

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2 Responses to Whedon on Romney

  1. circledtv says:

    That was excellent. I love Joss Whedon’s work. Be it a TV show or a political endorsement the man is a great writer.

    I should’ve expected it but I still had to rewind the bit in the beginning, “Wait, did he say Zombie Apocalypse?”

    By the way, I’ve read a few of your posts on this blog. But I guess one doesn’t read your posts, one studies them and takes copious notes.

    I tried to comment on a couple but then realised that I didn’t know the material well enough and needed further scrupulous study.

    One of these days I’ll be ready!
    One of these days, Alice, one of these days, Pow! Right in the kisser!

    • Zac Petrillo says:

      I think you are giving me far too much credit. Like Lancaster Dodd, I make it up as I go. But, thanks!

      Agreed about Whedon. I’m the farthest thing from a Zombie fan actually. Self aware, he makes it as comical as I could be, while also skewering the absurdity of fear felt by so many.

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