Rosemary’s Baby Artwork

Perhaps the most underrated thing about Rosemary’s Baby are the excellent, if unnervingly creepy, posters for the film. In celebration of Criterion’s Blu-ray release, here are my two favorites:
Click below for the next:

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7 Responses to Rosemary’s Baby Artwork

  1. cinenemablog says:

    Polish posters are amazing!

  2. gallivance says:

    Thanks for following our blog Gallivance! Love these Rosemary’s Baby posters – the top one is particularly striking. Looking forward to more!
    From~Terri Vance

  3. Ewa Bender says:

    Yesterday was the 45th anivesary of Rosemary’s Baby premiere. Here is a collection of film’s posters from around the world prepared for the occasion:

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