The Tech of Life of Pi

It seems to me that while there’s an enormous contingent of VFX houses producing relatively generic work, there’s also an arm of auteurs trying their hands at pushing how VFX can elevate their stories. Add Life of Pi to the second category. Like Prometheus, Hugo, and Avatar in recent memory, this one looks to use technological advancement as a weapon, rather than just a tool or gimmick. Ang Lee already stoked the flames of visual effects in his unfairly panned Hulk in 2003. While Hulk has been all but erased from the filmmaker’s canon, Life of Pi will likely stand as one of his most memorable works. Artists, even those primarily interested in themes and storytelling mechanics, are inspired by how contemporary advancements can be used as art. Check out this feature on the making of Life of Pi:

As has been a constant with the better releases this year, sound work, when used precisely, compliments the boundary-pushing of digitally-enhanced visuals.

Click the link below to watch a profile on the sound of Ang Lee’s latest:

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