Cassavetes and Rowlands in the Edit Room

No adequate words can describe a rare photo of these two greats. As good an on-set director as John Cassavetes was, his documentary style of constructing films from tremendous amounts of raw footage is the stuff of legend. Perhaps it could be said that he become a true filmmaker in the edit bay. (photo from Criterion)

Cassavtes Rowlands

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2 Responses to Cassavetes and Rowlands in the Edit Room

  1. Just as writers become truly great writers in the revision process. Nice picture, by the way.

    • Zac Petrillo says:

      Agreed. And as someone who has directed a little, I’d say it’s the most exciting part of the process. Where all the administrative work and on-set chaos settles into the creation of “art.” Your comment about revision is so true. It’s a painful process. If only all our first drafts were miraculous.

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