Spring Breakers Trailer


It’s strange to say that I’m looking forward to Harmony Korine’s Spring Breakers (starring the giddy combination Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez, Ashley Benson, and James Franco) mostly because it seems to have a somewhat coherent plot, but alas, that’s the truth. Sure the women in bikinis and a bizarre turn by James Franco adds to the anticipation as well, but these each seem ham-fisted in the trailer. Korine has always struck me as a director who’s less than the sum of his part and I often find the people that like him really WANT to like him. That said, Mister Lonely was an interesting film dealing with a very real, almost entirely untouched subject matter, though it did leaving me grabbing for air. Likewise, Gummo and Kids are unique and raw in a way unseen by most any American director, though I didn’t take to them as much as others. Spring Breakers certainly has the shock value on which Korine has built a nice indie career. I get the impression Korine, et al. are arrogantly excited by the idea of giving audience something they aren’t expecting from such “clean” stars. However, I think more people are hip to the ruse then the makers might realize. Either way, while I don’t expect much, I’m very excited to see this one.

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1 Response to Spring Breakers Trailer

  1. Other than the half naked girls, I don’t see much to interest me 😦

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