New War Horse Trailer

Looks like Spielberg is pulling out all the Spielbergian stops on this one. I mean, a reflection through the horse’s eye, really?

I still don’t feel inspired by what looks like a forceful tear-jerker. I fully expect to be mesmerized by the production value. The trailer alone deserves an Oscar for Best Cinematography (though when does Janusz Kaminski disappoint?). I just don’t know what this movie is even about. A horse that bravely survives war? Can you watch this trailer and believe you will experience anything more than tugs at the emotional heart-strings? Maybe I’m too cold but I really don’t have high hopes for War Horse to be anything more than fluff.

It’s true I want to dislike this movie. I want to dislike all Spielberg movies. I’ve been surprised before (Minority Report, Artificial Intelligence, and Munich) and I am always open to being surprised again. We shall see.

I might have to change my Oscar predictions though. How in the world can the Academy resist this wonderful cake?

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