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12 Years a Slave Trailer

There may be no more personal, visceral, or artistic director currently circling the peripheries of mainstream pictures than Steve McQueen. While his newest, 12 Years a Slave, looks to be his most polished to date, his ascendance into this kind … Continue reading

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Before Midnight Trailer

The first film featuring Jesse and Celine bowed almost 20 years ago with 1995’s Before Sunrise. These little films by Richard Linklater have struck a cord with people through now three generations, encapsulating a sense of love and classic romance … Continue reading

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Russell Crowe Sings in New Les Misérables Trailer

Tom Hooper and cinematographer Danny Cohen sure do like short-sided frames and 14mm lenses. The compositions were my favorite part of what I found to be an otherwise pat experience in The King’s Speech. Similarly, Les Misérables risks looking quite stuffy … Continue reading

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New Lincoln Trailer: Unite

I can’t help but wonder if the small, but ever-present, backlash towards the previous trailer caused an entire re-thinking of this one. With the usage of nostalgic imagery from throughout the history of our nation, this new spot seems to … Continue reading

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New War Horse Trailer

Looks like Spielberg is pulling out all the Spielbergian stops on this one. I mean, a reflection through the horse’s eye, really? I still don’t feel inspired by what looks like a forceful tear-jerker. I fully expect to be mesmerized … Continue reading

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