Young Adult Trailer

I guess the best way to describe Jason Reitman’s films is to call them creepers. At first glance, all three of his films seem like light character studies. They aren’t edgy or boundary pushing but they are solid achievements in filmmaking with well-handled smart scripts. Then Reitman’s films tend to get critical acclaim and Oscar attention. Time seems to work against these movies all over again. As years pass all three films have been left out of common critical thought. Even Juno seems just as pat now as it might have prior to its release.

While interesting and anchored by a unique turn by Theron, Young Adult looks like it might be much of the same. The trailer looks a bit silly at time, or I guess I should call it depressing in that snarky, charming sort of way. But time will tell how this one actually turns out. Truth be told, I find Thank You For Smoking and Up in the Air pretty underrated. They were two of the more compelling films to come out in their respective years.

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