J. Edgar Posters

I don’t really know what to expect from J. Edgar. Clint Eastwood makes a lot of pictures and the ones that do well tend to do REALLY well. But the vast majority of his movies sink quickly into obscurity without making much of an impression at all. Sure, J. Edgar has the makings of an Oscar golden child but so did Invictus. J. Edgar seems to be hiding some story elements in the trailer and that always tells me something might not be right. Basically its the marketing team and not the creatives that cut movie trailers. When they think the story is on then they do everything they can to highlight the story. When they think the story might be lacking but the grandiose qualities are shining bright then they highlight that. In J. Edgar, little story was conveyed but a lot of pizzazz came through. Don’t be surprised if that’s precisely what we take from the film itself.

That said, Clint Eastwood always displays a unique brand of storytelling. I’m always compelled by his approach and even lesser pictures like Changeling have elements that are surprisingly exemplary. I fully expect to be quite enthralled by the J. Edgar ride. I just have my doubts about how many others will feel the same.

I think both of these posters are excellent.

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