The Invisible War Filmmakers Reach Out

The creators of the highly acclaimed documentary, The Invisible War, an early favorite for the Oscar, have announced that they’ve raised over $500k to fund a pilot program to treat military sexual trauma. A stunning film, The Invisible War chronicles the psychological and lasting social effects that result from such trauma as well as the lack of ability to report situations due to fear, intimidation, and limited support.

I love that these filmmakers (Director Kirby Dick, Producer Amy Ziering) are not stopping at just making a film about the subject. They are pushing to create true, important change with the backing of their work. Movies have the power to inspire hope and also be a driving force for much needed awareness about long hidden issues. The poor treatment of veterans in America, especially those who have suffered from sexual abuse, has spent far too much time behind a curtain.

Therapists from the Serenity Trauma Healing Center in Los Angeles, CA and The Bridge to Recovery in Santa Barbara are co-developing the treatment program, which is slated to launch in early 2013.

Check out the full story reported by Sydney Levine.

Visit the film’s website at The Invisible War.

To find out more information visit Serenity Trauma Healing Center and The Bridge to Recovery.

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