Most Anticipated 2013 Movies: Dallas Buyers Club

While my better judgement tells me this one has pretentious, visual feast written all over it, I can’t help but get excited by this story and its creators. Dallas Buyers Club is loosely based on the challenging true story of Ron Woodroof, a drug using, homophobic man who gets diagnosed with AIDS and is given only 30 days to live. After the only legal drugs in the USA brings Ron to the edge of death, he begins smuggling drugs from all over the globe to help him survive. Ron creates the “Dallas Buyers Club,” an illegal group that provides alternative medicinal options to paying members. The film follows Woodroof and the ensuing legal battle.

The topic of medical care has become hot button in America, yet what remains under the rug is the enormous red tape that disallows potentially helpful drugs to be consumed by the millions suffering from life-threatening diseases. As a thinly veiled get-rich-quick scam by multibillion dollar pharmaceutical companies, it’s a wonder that more films have not touched on similar subjects.

The cast includes Matthew McConaughey (who lost 30 lbs. for the role) in the lead as well as Jared Leto, Jennifer Garne, Griffin Dunne. Today, Pitchfork announced that Deerhunter lead singer Bradford Cox will play Leto’s lover. The film is currently in production and will likely hit festivals mid to late 2013.

Director Jean-Marc Valleé is best known internationally for his recent The Young Victoria. Prior to that he directed the successful Quebec-based film, C.R.A.Z.Y.:

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