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Best Director & the Zeitgeist

This blog has become unexpectedly Oscar obsessed over the past month. Something I intend to rectify very soon. But, alas, here’s some more thoughts on this Oscar season. Part of the fun of the Academy Awards is complaining about the … Continue reading

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Argo’s Realistic Soundscape

Argo walks such a delicate line between historic realism and Hollywood caper commonalities, that sound design obviously had to play an integral role in creating the world. Yet, the sound was so subtle and precise that I don’t remember it … Continue reading

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See You In The Movies: Argo

With themes that strike unnervingly close to today’s zeitgeist, Argo smartly takes the path of an old-fashioned thriller to unveil the neverending turmoil of international relations. A movie about the power of movies, Ben Affleck’s third feature uses all the … Continue reading

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