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Homeland, Ep. 206: A Gettysburg Address

Last we saw Sergeant Brody, he was picking himself off the ground of a dank interrogation room pleading forgiveness to the woman whose life he nearly ruined. Homeland effectively yanked the rug out from under its audience and exploded all … Continue reading

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Homeland, Ep. 205: Q&A

Would it be overstating it to say that between Mad Men’s ‘LSD Scene’ and the ‘Interrogation Scene’ in this recent episode of Homeland, the two most captivating moments in cinema this year came from television? In one short line, said … Continue reading

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Faulkner Quotes About Hollywood and Art

Between worrying about my family in New York, reading constant updates about Hurricane Sandy, and reading great stuff about last night’s Homeland episode (review coming soon), I randomly stumbled upon this great list from Indiewire: 1.) “Hollywood is a place … Continue reading

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Disney Takes on Alexander’s Terrible, No Good Day

With the recent news that Disney will reignite the movie adaptation of Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, the introverted grumpy child in some of us has been rekindled. I’ve been following this project for years … Continue reading

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OSCAR FORECAST: Best Visual Effects 2013

Best Visual Effects Predictions (as of 10-25-12): Life of Pi Cloud Atlas Prometheus The Dark Knight Rises The Avengers Say what you will about the movie industry being inundated by Visual Effects-heavy output with cuts that fly by almost as … Continue reading

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Holy Motors About To Land On US

Leos Carax’s new film, Holy Motors, has been playing to perplexed audiences since it first screened at Cannes earlier this year. It currently has a 92% positive rating on Rotten Tomatoes and began rolling out to select theaters yesterday. Carax’s … Continue reading

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Lebanon’s Reputation v. Homeland

It was reported recently that the Lebanon government is taking action against the producers of Homeland for its potentially damaging portrayal of the formerly infamous city of Beirut. In the second episode of this season, Beirut becomes a bull’s-eye of … Continue reading

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Burns’ Central Park Five Defines New New York

Let me preface by saying that I haven’t seen Central Park Five yet, so I have no clue whether it actually “defines” one of the major cities on the planet. It’s quite possible this film, like many great documentaries, sets … Continue reading

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Argo’s Realistic Soundscape

Argo walks such a delicate line between historic realism and Hollywood caper commonalities, that sound design obviously had to play an integral role in creating the world. Yet, the sound was so subtle and precise that I don’t remember it … Continue reading

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Homeland, Ep. 203: State of Independence

And just like that, Homeland’s gone and blown the lid off the whole thinning plot problem. As its most toned down and personal episode in Season Two, “State of Independence” went deeper into the psychology its two broken characters. Filled … Continue reading

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