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Suspense and the Sound of a Mission in Zero Dark Thirty

Time has gotten away from me and this blog over the past few weeks, thus I’ve had a hard time updating as much as I’d like. My review of Les Miserables is forthcoming (I didn’t love it), but for now … Continue reading

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Authentic and Surreal: Sounds of Lincoln & Skyfall

Two of most well-received major releases this year, Lincoln and Skyfall are not only being applauded for creating visually arresting stories, but also creative soundscapes. Lincoln’s sound designer, Ben Burtt worked tirelessly to capture authentic sounds such as old doors … Continue reading

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Argo’s Realistic Soundscape

Argo walks such a delicate line between historic realism and Hollywood caper commonalities, that sound design obviously had to play an integral role in creating the world. Yet, the sound was so subtle and precise that I don’t remember it … Continue reading

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